Outdoor Hose Bib Repair & Replacement

Is your outdoor water spigot leaking? Hose bib repair, and even replacement, is at times necessary if you have an old or improperly installed outdoor faucet. Give DB’s a call and we will fix whatever your situation may be without damaging your pipes.

The water hose fixture typically at the front and rear of your home is called a “hose bib” by plumbing professionals. This is where we attach a hose for landscape watering, car washing, pool filling, rinsing coolers, and more.

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While we use them from spring time through the fall, the most critical time of year to pay attention to your hose bib is when you use it the least; the winter. Freezing temperatures can cause the pipe to break and burst without simple precautions. Most homes are designed resulting in the piping for the outdoor faucet being inside the wall of your home, a broken pipe could result in flooding your home. Read more on how to avoid FROZEN PIPES.

Hose bibs often can develop leaks resulting in lost water and higher water bills and even result in erosion damage around the foundation of your home. We often get calls where someone has attempted to change out the spigot and twisted the copper pipe off in the wall turning an otherwise simple repair into a major undertaking and an emergency repair. If you have never done this before don’t attempt it just because it looks easy.

A broken hose bib often means the water is gushing out. You will need to shut off the water at the source immediately until the repair is completed.

What Can I Expect?

When DB’s Plumbing and Drain® arrives to work on your hose bib in Northern Virginia, we will ensure the water is off and inspect the hose bib to determine what is needed. Some newer hose bibs are threaded and can be unscrewed; most are soldered on and need to be cut.

Our plumber will give you an estimate for the work to be performed. Upon your approval, we will get started right away. If the hose bib needs to be cut out, it may be necessary to access it by removing some drywall, and in some cases, a small amount of brick.

We replace water spigots with new all season, frost-free hose bibs; if you have a current issue, or to help prevent one in the future. Once the hose bib has been replaced, we will ensure your pipes are insulated properly, and give you tips on how to avoid issues with frozen pipes going forward. Our plumber will turn your water back on, test the system, and leave the area clean.

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If you need hose bib repair call the NOVA Plumbing professionals at DB’s Plumbing & Drain®. You can find 5 star reviews across the web and count on the same level of service at your home or business. We are confident you will find our plumbing service, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, timely, and offered at competitive prices.

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