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Woodbridge High-Pressure Water Jetting

Committed to Top-Quality Service throughout Northern Virginia

Are you concerned you may have a problem with your sewer line? Our experienced technicians have the experience needed to address countless sewer problems.

Signs of an underground issue:

  • Ground Level Cracks in Walls or Flooring
  • Back up of Toilet, Sink, or Other
  • Higher than Usual Water Bills
  • Water Stains Around a Floor Drain

4,000 PSI High Pressure Water Jetting is the best method of sewer & drain cleaning available. Solid blockages are easily removed from municipal, residential, and commercial locations including restaurants, hospitals and much more. Things that can cause major drain blockages include roots, grease, soap and sludge buildup on pipe walls disintegrated and washed away. Unlike cable or electric snake drain cleaning machines, jets of high-pressure water scour the entire internal diameter of a pipe for maximum cleaning effectiveness.

Contact our team for high-pressure water jetting services in Woodbridge and beyond! We proudly serve customers throughout Prince William, Fairfax, and Stafford Counties.

Traditional Electric Snake Machines

Traditional Electric Snake Machines are used for economical clearing of blockages on smaller sewer & drain lines. Electric snakes can clear or bore holes through blockages to restore flow but do not fully clean a sewer or drain pipe. Our high-pressure water jets handle over 500-foot-long sewers which simply cannot be snaked.

High Pressure Jetting units are designed to fulfill the special needs of business customers. Our commercial drain jetter offers a line of high-volume water jetting to meet larger diameter pipe flushing demands. Sewer jetting at 4,000 PSI will often produce a "foamed" or "whipped" grease look. The high-pressure water will cut grease into small, sand-like particles that will flow downstream. Since this is a "cold" process, grease is unlikely to congeal again to pipelines.

The wastewater a business produces consists of black water (toilet waste) and greywater (shower, sink and laundry waste). The term for this waste is called Effluent. Effluent flows directly from a business into a watertight, underground septic tank. Solid waste settles into a sludge layer on the bottom and fats float to the top of the first compartment. As incoming sewage from a business such as a restaurant fills the system, clarified liquids are forced to leave the septic tank and flow out to the leach field or leach pit. Grease will congeal and clog the entire system without proper maintenance. We can jet grease from a septic drain field. It is not uncommon to find that grease from a restaurant could potentially cause a complete drain field failure.

Ask about our preventive maintenance program for commercial sewers. We will jet your line for less & your business stays OPEN!

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Shopping centers, apartment complexes, restaurants, and office buildings are just some of the businesses we can help. DB’s Plumbing and Drain® works with customers in Prince William County, Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, and Stafford County.

Call our Woodbridge high-pressure water jetting technicians today at (703) 457-8686 for skilled services!

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