Meet our mascot Octo the octopus!

Why an octopus?

The reason our company mascot is an octopus is because our owner David loves to dive in his free time. David has gone deep sea diving all around the world, and is inspired by the resiliency and adaptability of octopus out of all the life in the sea. He was recently diving in the Philippines, and was extremely inspired by a Blue Ring Octopus he witnessed that is extremely rare. He was struck by the strength and majesty of the creature, and inspired to make a new addition to our company.

After a short time, Octo was introduced to the world. He can be seen on trucks around Virginia and online.

Octo Octopus Plumber

Plumber Prince William

Octo is a great plumber because:

  1. Octo changes colors and can adapt to any environment he is put in, like snow, sleet, storms, hot temperatures, freezing conditions, floods, and hard to reach areas. More importantly, Octo has the ability to adapt to plumbing gone wrong from DIYers, bad contractors or any other bad plumbing experiences.
  2. Octo has the ability to fit in to the tightest of all spots. Like all octopus and plumbers, we can squeeze into the tiniest of all spaces to get to the hard to reach pipe that is leaking or that bug infested crawl space that you dread to check your pipes.
  3. Octo has 8 arms, which is extremely necessary when dealing with plumbing in your home. We have to multi-task and do several things at once in order to make a proper repair, using every bit of focus and determination to get the job done. Octo is lucky - he has a clear advantage!
  4. Octo is friendly and courteous; he won't attack you or impede on your space. He is quick and nimble and will disappear without a trace, just like our plumbers do. We will never leave you with that "there's been a plumber in my house" feeling; we leave it as we found it.