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An automatic shut-off valve is an important safety device installed onto your plumbing to prevent a broken pipe or other plumbing mishap from allowing torrents of water to escape into a house and inflict major damage. It is also used for certain plumbing repairs.

where is my valve

Where is My Shut off Valve?

Do you know where to find the water shut-off valve if you need to turn the water off to your entire house? Knowing how and where to shut off your home’s main water supply is as important as knowing how and where to turn-off or reset an electric breaker or replace a fuse. Learn where your main shut-off valve is inside your home, have it plainly marked and operate it at least annually to ensure it is in proper working order. It is also a good idea to show this valve to any of your children you feel are responsible enough to utilize the valve in your absence.

Age of Your Home

Older homes obviously also have old shutoff valves that probably will fail; however, newer homes and buildings sometimes have shutoff valves that will also malfunction. The failure of modern shutoff valves can be a result of several things:

new water line
  • Poor brass material
  • Leaky solder joints
  • Internal parts poorly made

Every new home is required to have a main water shut-off valve installed inside the home during initial construction. Typically, they are located close to where the water service line enters your home and are usually near the water meter. Our area has older homes built prior to this requirement. In those cases, shut off valves may not even be inside the house but rather outside where yard growth may cover its location. If your home does not have an internal shut off valve call us and we can quickly remedy this problem.

There are also underground shut-off valves installed at the property line. This shut-off is typically referred to as the “curb-stop”, which is protected by and accessed through a “curb-box”.

Water Shut Off Box

For most emergencies or repairs, shutting-off the proper inside valve is essential. With this valve, you can shut water off for the entire house. Your home will also have shut off valves for specific areas of your home such as an exterior faucet, or an irrigation system. Private Water Shut-Off Valves will look different based on the home’s age. Older homes may have a round handle where newer homes will have a lever. If your home has the old style, you should consider having it upgraded to a lever which are far less likely to experience leakage.

Let Us Install, Repair, or Replace an Automatic Shut–Off Valve for Your Home

residential water line

Do your shut off valves have white and green corrosion on them or do they look like they leaked at some point? It you have shut off valves that appear to be leaking or corroded, it can turn a simple plumbing repair into a major hassle. Having an operations shut off valve is very important for plumbing system repairs and maintenance.

You can trust in the more than 20 years of experience at DB’s Plumbing & Drain®. Not only do we have the expert training and experience to see that you receive the best service for an automatic shut–off valve, we’re a family–owned and operated business that knows the value of always providing quality work and customer service.

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Remember, if you do not have an emergency shut–off valve on your home’s plumbing, you should call us and arrange to have the work done as soon as you can. We’ll take care of the job quickly so you won’t have to worry about flooding damage in your home. Keep our number handy for any other plumbing job that you may need—including repairs for the shut–off valve—and we’ll see that we remain your top choice for plumbing in Northern Virginia including Prince William County and surrounding areas.

Rely on DB’s Plumbing & Drain® for installation, repair, and replacement of automatic shut-off valves and any other residential plumbing work that you might need.