Water Heater Installation, Repair & Replacement in Northern Virginia

Your plumbing system is a major investment in your home, and one you want to last for many years. Don’t take any chances with faulty plumbing materials or installation. Put all of your plumbing needs in the hands of our competent, trustworthy and experienced plumbers.

Whether you have an electric or gas water heater, the expert plumber at DB’s Plumbing and Drain® can recommend the best system and repairs for your hot water needs.

Residential Water Heater Repair Services

As with any mechanical system, water heaters will require occasional maintenance to work their best. Our repair specialists will complete a safety and efficiency review of your existing water heater and suggest the best course of action to ensure a ready flow of hot water for your home.

DB’s Plumbing and Drain® installs high efficiency State water heaters with better designs and bigger energy savings than ever.

State Hot Water Heaters

No one builds durability into a product better than State. They test their water heater product in some of the toughest conditions to ensure they last longer and provide many years of hot water. They have developed enamels that flex with water temperature extremes to ensure a longer product life. In addition to the manufacturer warranty of 6 years on the water tank, DB’s Plumbing and Drain® backs their work with a warranty of one year parts and labor.

hot water heater repair

State Residential Water Heater

State Tankless water heater

Our water heater team understands your plumbing needs. We provide the best combination of quality products and repairs at fair prices, so that you can ensure you have access to hot water.

Areas Routinely Checked During a Water Heater Repair Service Call:

  • Dip Tube
  • Gas Line
  • Water Heater Pan
  • Drip Pan
  • Expansion Tank
  • Burner Assembly (gas water heater)
  • Thermal Couple (gas water heater)
  • Thermostat (electric water heater)
  • Elements (electric water heaters)
  • Temperature/Pressure Relive Valve/T&P Valve (Gas & Electric)

Urinal repair ADA Compliant

Our Plumbers Make Sure Your Home Has Hot Water on Demand 24/7

Ever cry out to others in the home to not run faucets or not flush toilets since you want to take a HOT shower? We can make sure you have all the hot water your needs demand.

A few reasons you may not have hot water...

  • Pilot light may have gone out
  • Sediment build up
  • Thermostat problems
  • Gas line leak
  • You have exceeded the capacity of your water heater tank

Optional Features Available

  • Water alarms – go off when your water heater leaks, allowing you to take corrective action before the problem grows worse;
  • Pressure regulators – keep water pressure from exceeding a pre-set limit…that protects the unit and connecting pipes from leaking or bursting;
  • Timers – cause your water heater to draw power only when you need hot water. That saves you money on energy and prolongs the life of your unit.

Types of Water Heaters

The most common style of water heater in the United States combines the water storage tank and the heating element in one unit. Heat sources include electric elements, gas burners, oil burners or a hot water boiler. Standard gas water heaters operate at a much lower cost than electric units.


Water heaters are changing in 2015 whether we like it or not. Here is a breakdown of the changes in a nutshell and how it will apply to you and your friends/family. For detailed information check out this link.

40/50 gallon electric and gas: Minimal change is added for these sizes, the major change in the insulation factor which will make the heater a larger footprint. As it sits now the 40/50 gallons will be 4-6" wider and 6" taller. What does this mean? If your water heater is in a small closet, you will have to remodel your closet to allow this heater to fit, also if it is too tall, re piping will need to be done, this is all added expenses. Assuming you have the room, both width and height then there will be no change to you, other than the fact that the heater itself will retail about $250 more.

55 gallon electric or larger: This is one the biggest areas of concern. They will cease to exist. The only way you could have a larger unit is one of 2 ways (if you have a newer home or soaking tub you have a heater of up to 80 gallons), a heater with a heat pump attached to it. This is like an HVAC unit on the top, it is a total of 8 feet tall and needs 770 cubic feet of air to operate, this is a large utility room. The problem with this is, it draws the heat from the air in your home to heat the water heater thus robbing heat from your home, and will need to be maintained annually like your HVAC systems. The other option (best option in our opinion) is to add a second 50 gallon unit side by side, again this is assuming you have the room to accommodate 2 heaters side by side. Third option, downgrade to a 50 gallon with the risk of running out of hot water.

55 gallon or larger gas: Again if you have a newer home or a soaking tub, chances are you have a 65 or 75 gallon tank. These will cease to exist, due to the fact the new requirements will make the heater so large, we wont be able to get it through the door. We see three alternatives 1, go tank less, this will probably start to dominate the marketplace, however, they come with an install price tag of $5000 plus. This is the most efficient long term solution, however, probably the most expensive, there is also some minor remodel work to go along with this option. 2, install 2 water heaters 50 gallons a piece like the electric, again assuming you have the room and footprint for this option, and will need a new gas line installed. Or 3, down grade to a 50 gallon tank.

This is it in as generic as I can make the law change. Everyone differs of course. What can you do? Contact all your friends and family that have a heater that is 8 years old or older (you want to replace 12-16 years anyway) and have them replaced before April 1 2015. You won’t want to wait until the last second given when the suppliers are out, they're out. While we are not currently licensed to install tankless systems, all requirements will be met after the first of the year.

DB’s Plumbing and Drain® highly recommends replacing your existing heater, to buy yourself another decade or so, because, as most of us know, things tend to break when finances are not available. Feel free to call us directly at 703-691-5129 if you have any questions. We will be happy to review any direct and unique circumstances you may have.

We service electric and gas water heaters, so contact us for a diagnostic and cost estimate if you’re experiencing plumbing issues. Call us at 703-691-5129 or submit our Estimate Request form. We will promptly respond to your needs.

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