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Woodbridge Pressure Reducing Valves

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Low water pressure can be a significant aggravation in your Northern Virginia home. If you get only a weak stream instead of a strong stream when you turn on your faucets, that can lead to problems with cleaning, bathing, and overall home sanitation.

Check with your neighbors, and if low water pressure is only affecting your house, check to see if there is a water pressure reducing valve in your Woodbridge home. DB’s Plumbing and Drain® can do the necessary adjustments to increase water pressure throughout your home.

Another thing that can cause low water pressure is a leak in the main water lines or somewhere else. Check inside your home for leaks in areas such as basements, garages, or at points where water supply pipes enter your home. See if there are wet spots in your lawn that could indicate an underground water leak. If so, call us right away for our leak detection service.

If you are noticing water pressure issues in your home, there are several possible culprits, such as:

  • Clogged aerators
  • Water softener systems
  • A partially closed shut off valve
  • Issues with the water heater
  • Sediment accumulation in the pipes, particularly in older homes

The Importance of Pressure Reducing Valves

Water pressure regulators protect your property’s plumbing system from intense water pressure by reducing the pressure of the incoming water from the main line or well pump. Without a pressure reducing valve, your water lines would likely break under the strain of the water pressure, which can get as high as 200 psi in the municipal system, as opposed to the 50 psi in an average residence. The regulator plays a critical role in keeping your system in good working order.

How Do I Know If My Pressure Reducing Valve Is Bad

Watch for any of the following if you suspect your pressure reducing valve is failing:

  • Loss of water pressure: If you notice that running more than one fixture at a time results in a major loss of pressure, you should check on your PRV.
  • Lack of water pressure: Check to see if you have lost water pressure for hot and cold water. Loss of hot water pressure usually relates to a water heater problem.
  • Leak outside near the house: If you know where your main water line enters your home, you should be able to find the PRV nearby. They can also be located in a garage or utility room.
  • Damaging water pressure: When water pressure is to strong, it can quickly to damage to fixtures and appliances. If you are repairing plumbing fixtures frequently, check your PRV.

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