Fairfax Water Line Replacement

Fairfax Water Line Replacements

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Our water lines supply us with water from the local municipality and these lines are typically located beneath our homes and out of sight. However, because of your water line’s location, there is a risk it can be damaged from tree root intrusion, shifting ground, and frequent freezing and thawing in the changing seasons. Additionally, as they age, they become more susceptible to corrosion, mineral buildup, and cracks.

If you’ve recently received an alarmingly high water bill, noticed an unusual puddle in your lawn, experienced a significant shift in water pressure, or had discolored water coming out of a faucet, it could be the result of a damaged water line. At DB’s Plumbing and Drain®, our Fairfax water line replacement plumbers can come to the rescue and help you avoid a plumbing emergency. We offer competitive pricing and long-lasting solutions. You can rest easy knowing that we back all of our services with a five-year warranty.

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Water Lines?

At DB’s Plumbing and Drain®, we will never sell you a service you don’t need. When we arrive at your property, we will first conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of the issue to determine the best course of action. Of course, we will always resort to repairs if they’re possible. However, sometimes the best and most cost-effective course of action is a replacement.

Signs it’s time to replace your water lines include:

  • Unexplained increases to your water bill
  • Extremely low or inconsistent water pressure
  • Wet spots on your walls or ceilings
  • Rust-colored water comes from your faucets
  • Your water has a foul odor or tastes bad
  • You live in an older home with unsafe or outdated pipe materials

We Leave Your Property Intact

Our Fairfax water line replacement specialists use state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to inspect your water line without needing to excavate. From there, we resort to trenchless replacement methods, such as pipe bursting and pipe lining that effectively create new pipes in the place of your old ones. However, because we don’t need to dig trenches, you won’t be left with destroyed landscaping or any mess to clean up.

A Water Main Break Is an Emergency!

To avoid further water damage and the need for more extensive and costly repairs, make sure you contact your service provider immediately to request the water be shut off. Then, contact our Fairfax water line replacement specialists for 24/7 emergency service.

For a job done right the first time, call (703) 457-8686.

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