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Backflow Prevention

Backflow Preventers in Woodbridge – (703) 457-8686

The water in your home needs to be pure and free of all contaminants for you and your family to use it. Even if it is not water you intend on drinking – such as a water line used for irrigation only – it should be clean and technically potable. To help prevent water contamination due to backflow, DB’s Plumbing and Drain® in Woodbridge can install a backflow preventer in your property.

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What Exactly is Backflow?

The water that enters your home should only ever flow one way: out of the water line owned and operated by the city and into your home’s outlets and fixtures. Variances in water pressure and plumbing defects can randomly cause a phenomenon called backflow, in which water flows in the opposite direction momentarily, going back into the supply line before returning to your property. Backflow can be potentially dangerous if it picks up contaminants once it reenters the water main, since it might not reenter using the same, original pipe it flowed from originally.

Backflow can expose you and your family to a variety of contaminants, such as:

  • Waste materials
  • Chlorine from private or public pools
  • Fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals
  • Other waste that people wash down their drains

A backflow preventer makes it virtually impossible for backflow to occur, though. Our Woodbridge backflow prevention plumbers can install a specialized device or devices at certain points along your water line that only lets water flow in and never back out. Put simply, it operates like a trap door that opens due to forward water flow and closes due to backwards water flow.

Do You Need a Backflow Preventer?

You will need a backflow preventer if your property uses an irrigation system that originates from a potable water source. Unless you are a commercial farmer with many acreages of land, it is highly likely that you do use a potable water source and need a backflow preventer. You will also want a backflow preventer if you use a well system for your residential property.

Lastly, backflow preventer installation is recommended if your plumbing system is designed in such a way that wastewater and water used in your home could become crossed due to a backflow irregularity. To figure out if you have such a plumbing system or require a backflow preventer, just call (703) 457-8686 and connect with DB’s Plumbing and Drain® in Woodbridge. Our plumbers would be happy to perform a system inspection to let you know if you should have a backflow preventer, as well as recommend the right make and model if you do.

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