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The damage caused by frozen water pipes can be catastrophic. A single burst pipe in a home running at 4-8 gallons a minute can do tens of thousands of dollars of damage in a manner matter of minutes, not to mention the mold mitigation problem that will follow.

We can repair, thaw and help to prevent frozen water pipes in Woodbridge and beyond. Ask our licensed plumbers for some safety measures you can take to prevent the risk of frozen water pipes to avoid secondary water damage to your home. Just a few precautions can help to avoid the issue of your water pipes freezing. But if your best efforts did not do the job, and you either know you have frozen pipes, have pipes that have burst, or have pipes with water running slower than usual… Call DB’s Plumbing and Drain® right away.

There’s no reason to delay – we offer 24-Hour emergency services to minimize the damage to your property and get you back to normal. Contact us today to begin!

Prevent Costly Water Damage from Frozen Pipes

Frozen water pipes block water flow to your faucets and appliances. Worse yet, frozen pipes can result in pipe bursts, which can flood your basement and home. Pipes burst due to water expanding as it freezes. The volume increases by approximately eleven percent (11%), and this expansion exerts a huge amount of force. This force is enough to break concrete or even the metal water pipes under your kitchen sink!

The disaster resulting from frozen pipes is not one you’ll ever want to experience. The damage to the actual pipe is often minimal compared to the water damage it can cause in your home. Prevention is the best cure when it comes to frozen pipes.

Immediate Response for Frozen Pipe Emergencies

If you have frozen pipes or have experienced water damage caused by frozen pipes, contact us right away. We have the experience to assess, limit damage as much as possible, and work with you to get your home back to normal. We also work with insurance companies to help you reduce the stress that you are experiencing.

If you have a water blockage as a result of frozen water, your pipes should be thawed immediately. Otherwise, you could have some major problems.

Keep the following in mind if you believe your pipes may be frozen:

  • Shut off the water main leading into your home to reduce pressure on frozen pipes and minimize flooding should the pipe burst.
  • You can also use a hair dryer to thaw the ice blockage if the frozen pipe is exposed and visible. (Never use an open flame to thaw!) If frozen pipes are not visible, call in the experts at DB’s Plumbing and Drain®.
  • If you currently notice slower water flow and expect frozen pipes, you should call a plumber immediately. Typically, issues like this can be resolved before any damage occurs.

Protect Your Home from Frozen Water Pipes

Pipes that freeze tend to be those exposed to severe cold such as those in an unheated interior area such as:

  • Outdoor hose bib
  • Swimming pool supply lines
  • Water sprinkler lines
  • Crawl space areas
  • Unfinished basements
  • Garages
  • And even kitchens without sufficient insulation between your pipes and the exterior of your home

Once the cold weather is upon us, there are some steps you can take to prevent frozen pipes:

  • Check water pipes running close to outside walls and in unheated crawl spaces. Put fiberglass insulation between the pipes in your home and the exterior walls to help keep them warm and prevent freezing.
  • During a cold snap, leave cabinet doors open under the sink so that heated air can warm pipes.
  • During extreme cold, keep the thermostat set to the same temperature both day and night.
  • If you will be away from home during cold weather, leave the heat set to no lower than 55°F.
  • Leave bathroom and kitchen doors open to encourage heat circulation.
  • Open the taps just enough so that there’s a slow drip. This will relieve water pressure that could build up between an ice blockage and a closed spigot and rupture the pipe.
  • Pipes running through unheated spaces should be covered with fiberglass insulation or pipe sleeve insulation.
  • Shut off the valve supplying your outside water lines – drain these lines by opening the tap. Leave it open so any small amount of water that might be left in the line has room to freeze and expand without causing any damage.

In the event of a flood in your home, time is of the essence. Water will soak into a concrete floor within 6 - 12 hours and make it much more difficult to dry. Mold can begin to grow within two to three days. Mold can spell trouble with your insurance claim and with your cleanup efforts.

Our plumbers at DB’s Plumbing and Drain® are well trained and will get you back to normal in no time. Call our Woodbridge frozen pipe repair experts at (703) 457-8686 today!

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