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Your Garbage Disposal: Do’s and Don’ts


This week we are going to talk about the proper use of your garbage disposal, and how to make it last the longest.  Garbage disposal under correct and safe use typically lasts around 7-10 years.

There are many misconceptions about what can and cannot go down a garbage disposal.  We recommend you always scrape your plates in the trash before rinsing them in the sink.  The less you put down the drain; the fewer issues you will have in the future.
Under no circumstances should grease go down a drain (it hardens as it cools and becomes sticky).  We also recommend you never put bones, egg shells, anything with a rind, or any starchy foods in the garbage disposal.  These items have a good potential to clog your disposal and/or wear out the motor as it attempts to grind them.

Should you have a clog, we recommend you don’t use products like Draino or similar “drain cleaners”.  These products eat away at the interior of the garbage disposal, causing it to break down and age faster than normal.  The chemicals also make unclogging a drain more difficult, as they can splash back towards the plumber and cause a medical situation.

When in doubt, we recommend you only use the disposal for thin sauces or liquids.  We recommend a wonderful product called Bio-Clean, which keeps drains clear using natural bacteria and enzymes. It is a regular maintenance product that is safe for garbage disposals, and when used correctly can prolong the life of your disposal.  Feel free to call the office and ask any questions you may have about the only drain cleaning product we endorse!