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Can I get a Hallelujah for a break in this rain? Hallelujah!!

With all this rain has come a TON of calls from customers concerned about their sump pumps. If it is running constantly with no breaks, contact us! It could be ready to burn out the motor, leaving you without a pump when water levels are high. If it runs with breaks, it is most likely because the water table is so high around your home and your sump pump is doing a good job. When it comes to sump pump replacement, we have been taking care of customers daily this week and we are here if you would like us to check yours.

From Our President
“This weekend, my team and I are partnering with Compassion Restoration Ministries to restore water to an elderly woman in need. I’m so proud and grateful to my team for volunteering their time and experience on their weekend. I feel like you as our customers should know how great they are!”