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What Info Do We Need?

When calling a plumber, many customers may be unsure about what information a plumbing company will need and feel unprepared to make the call.

While every job is different, the information we need only varies slightly based on your situation. We will always need your basic personal information (name, address, phone number, and email address). It is important to mention whether this is your primary residence, a rental property, or a property you manage. This dictates how we set up your call and the information we will need moving forward. It is very helpful if you call with your schedule in front of you or knowing some days/times you’re interested in so we can expedite the scheduling process for you.

As far as your plumbing issue goes, the more information the better! While you talk it out, a CSR (customer service representative) can determine what information the technician will find useful and set up a detailed ticket for you. Information such as the brand of your water heater or garbage disposal, how long the issue has been going on, and the exact location of the issue is extremely beneficial to both the office and your technician.

Finally, with every new customer at DB’s your CSR will ask, “How’d you hear about us?” This question is vital as it allows us to see how our advertising strategies are working by knowing how our wonderful customers are finding us. Hopefully next time you call a plumber, you feel comfortable and prepared to make that phone call!