What Not To Put Down Your Drains

Many customers are unsure as to what their drains can handle in their homes. This can lead to costly backups and stoppages. When in doubt, we recommend you do not put it down the drain or flush it.

Here are some examples of things that can cause an issue:

1. Toilet– Your toilet and its corresponding plumbing are made to handle a regular amount of toilet paper and waste. Those wonderful “flushable” wipes and feminine hygiene products WILL cause a problem over time, as they cannot easily make it through your pipes and out to the sewer. This is even more important if your home in on a septic system, as flushing these items can cause a septic issue.

2. Garbage Disposal– The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is powerful and can handle a small amount of food waste. Starches like pasta, rice, and potatoes will clog your sink, as they absorb water and create a backup. Large amounts of food can easily cause an issue. When in doubt, we recommend you throw out the majority of what you are getting rid in the trash. Grease should also be disposed of properly, as it will cause your kitchen sink drain to be clogged once it solidifies. Don’t make my brother-in-law’s mistake and put grilling wood chips down the kitchen sink!

3. Bath Tub Drain– It is important to be sure to clear the hair from your bathtub drain regularly. Over time, hair can build up and cause a slow-moving drain, which will then lead to a blocked drain. In extreme cases, the drain may have to be removed to clear it! It is much easier to clear the drain as a routine, after regular usage. While there are many other things that shouldn’t be put down a drain in your home, these are some of the most common ones we see at DB’s Plumbing and Drain.

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