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Signs of a Plumbing Problem


Many plumbing problems are obvious based on their symptoms: a running toilet, a drain that is backing up, a water heater that isn’t producing hot water. Some problems, however, are not so obvious. Their symptoms may be less direct, and you may need some help deciding what may be going on before you call a plumber. The following are a few examples of odd plumbing symptoms in a home that you may experience at some point, and what issues can cause those symptoms.

Wet drywall: A wet spot on drywall can be quite a few different issues, as most of the plumbing in your home is contained behind walls and ceilings. A few problems you may have are a leaking pipe, a toilet that is running and has a small leak that has built up over time, or you could have had a one-time leak that damaged the wall at some point but is no longer in need of a plumbing repair.  It is best to get a professional in your home to diagnose the issue and be sure that there will be no more damage to the interior of your home.

Low Water Pressure: Many times, low water pressure in your home can indicate the need to replace your pressure reducing valve, or PRV. This valve controls the water pressure in your home so that it is regulated, making it pleasant and safe for your regular household water usage.  If your PRV is going bad, the water pressure may be consistently low or may come and go.  If the low water pressure symptom is concentrated in one faucet or bathroom in the home, then the pressure issue could be the faucet itself or something within that room. We recommend you get a proper diagnosis before spending money on costly repairs!

These are a very small sampling of plumbing symptoms in your home that may not be as common as the issues you’ve faced in the past. If you experience these or any other symptoms with unknown causes, feel free to give us a call and we will schedule an appointment to diagnose your issues!