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Bio-Clean: Could You Use It?


Bio-Clean is a drain cleaning product that prevents buildup and clogs in drains.  It helps to keep drain lines open and clean after they have been cleaned or unclogged.  The product is made of natural bacteria and enzymes, not chemicals that are dangerous or noxious. It breaks up buildup when mixed with water, and leaves your plumbing system clear.  Some good applications that it can be used in septic systems, garbage disposals, grease traps, and sump pumps to clear out unwanted odor and slow usage.

It is cost-effective, as Bio-Clean will save you money due to its preventative properties. You won’t have to pay us to clear stoppages or clean your drain lines as often.  Currently, Bio-Clean is the only product we endorse and sell independently of parts because it really works, and has helped our customers keep their drains clear since we began selling it.  In order to use it, you just have to add water to the powder. It couldn’t be any easier to use correctly and you don’t have to use it very often. For the first five days, you use it daily, and then once a month after that.

Our technicians have the product on their trucks and they are able to talk to you about it should you be interested. Feel free to ask questions and pick their brains about Bio-Clean!

We are in the final days of the month, which means it is the last chance to contribute to the money that is going towards a customer who lost their home. On 9/11/16, a customer’s home burned down in a terrible house fire, and they lost everything. For the month of October, DB’s is donating 1% of all sales to help the customers rebuild their lives. Please consider calling us before the 31st, as your money will count towards the total the customers receive.