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The Cost of Plumbing Part 2: Booking a Call


In Part 1 of “The Cost of Plumbing”, we talked about what factors go into costs such as our employees, our trucks and equipment, and technological options we offer to our customers. We would like to let our customers know what goes into our booking process and beyond.

Taking the Call

When a call comes into DB’s, it is recorded and attached to the job that is created when we book an appointment. If something was misheard, our customer service department can easily find the call and listen again. The way our system is set up makes it difficult for human error to affect our customers and keeps our customer files organized and easily accessible.  If a copy of an estimate or invoice is needed, it is also in the customer’s file, readily available to be printed, mailed or emailed. Our software keeps us all orderly and ready to meet any customer’s administrative needs.

In the Field

Our customer’s job file is displayed on a calendar of jobs, and this information is available to our technicians in the field via a tablet, like an iPad. The technician has his own copy of the information the office has and is able to add estimates, invoices, and payments in the field.  This allows us to take credit cards onsite, a very important payment option for our customers. Since we are a flat-rate company, the price book is available via the tablet when in the field, as well.  The technician and the office staff work in conjunction daily to deliver the best possible customer service.

When the Work is Done

Once a job is complete, our customers receive an email from Review Buzz asking them to please review their experience with us. We have hundreds of positive reviews, and many new customers say they were drawn to us after reading about previous customer experiences. We have even had customers ask if we solicit reviews (we don’t!).  The vitality and success of the business is significantly boosted with the help of our satisfied customers, and we all work hard to earn those reviews. At our weekly team meeting, we read our favorite new review, congratulating those who earned it.

There is some degree of mystery surrounding the plumbing field, as there is with any specialized trade.  At DB’s, we believe in educating our customers and having transparency about our business practices. Hopefully “The Cost of Plumbing” has helped to clear up questions you may have about where your money is going, how we operate, and what you are getting when you choose to use our business. We are honored daily by our customers and their trust and faith in us to get the job done.

If you have a plumbing issue, DB’s Plumbing & Drain is here to help. Call us at (703) 457-8686 today!