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The Cost of Plumbing Part 1: Why Do We Charge What We Do?


The number one concern we hear from customers is the price of plumbing.  Not necessarily our pricing, but the cost of plumbing in general.

We thought it would be beneficial to our customers to take a look at what causes plumbing prices to be what they are, and to explain what you are receiving for the cost of your service. That way, the next time you receive an estimate from a plumber, you will be well-versed as to what exactly is going into that price and you’ll be able to make an educated and informed decision comfortably for your household.

Plumbing is a skilled trade that has been developed over hundreds of years and takes years to learn and perfect. Technicians cannot simply spend a few months learning everything they need to know, it will take them many years to be great at their jobs.  At our company, our technicians are thoroughly screened by going through a background check and drug test when they are hired. They are subjected to random drug screening, and they continually meet high standards of ethicality and morality.  Our trucks are professionally wrapped and maintained, so you know a professional is coming to your home.

We keep up with training and the latest technology to provide the greatest service we can to our valued customers. Required training with the state of Virginia takes places every 2 years, as regulations change and we must keep up to date.  Our reviews across the web are organized with a great company called Review Buzz (, so the consumer can make an informed decision and see how our existing customers feel about our service.  All of the work we do is warrantied, and the parts and products we use are of the highest quality in order to ensure we can guarantee them. We wouldn’t put anything in a customer’s home that we would not use in our own home.

All of these professional practices are costs for our business that we provide in order to deliver the best possible service every day to our customers. These are just a few examples of why we charge what we do and don’t follow a “time + material” model.  We take pride in the fact that many of our customers are referrals; that someone entrusted us with someone in their circle.  As the consumer, you are receiving the benefits of all of these practices, as well as an honest, accurate, full written quote once the technician gets to your home.