How We Get to You in 2017

In the past, before all the wonderful technological advances that have taken place in the last several years, getting a technician to your home or business had many steps. The office would receive a phone call for an appointment and then they would page the technician. Pagers, the good old days before cell phones! There may be some of you who don’t even remember those devices!

The technician would then have to find a pay phone(another relic!) or public phone and call the office, who would then provide them with information for the call. The technician would use a paper ticket and write out the information, hoping it was all correct, and use a map to find their job. This process could add quite a few minutes or even hours to the booking process!

Things have certainly changed over the years! At DB’s Plumbing and Drain, when you call the office and make an appointment all the information you provide goes immediately into our software. This software is also on our technicians’ tablets, and they instantly receive all the data the office has.

They have no need to contact the office to get to you, and certainly no need to locate a public phone! We have access to your customer file, past work at your home, and Google maps instantly validate your address, to prohibit many mistakes that could be made.

With these great tools we have at our disposal in 2017, we are excited to see what technological advances become available in the next 20 years!

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