What is a Battery Back-Up Sump Pump?


Since our blog post about checking your sump pump went live last week, we have had quite a few inquiries as to how a battery back-up sump pump works and how it can be installed. We would love to explain it so you will be educated about your options when it comes to replacing your existing sump pump or installing a new one!

A battery back-up sump pump is actually a unit that contains two sump pumps, one that operates regularly and a second that operates off of battery power. If the first one fails for any reason, the second one will automatically come on and handle any water that is in your basement. This system replaces your existing sump pump, rather than attaching to it.

The battery is similar to a car battery and must be checked regularly to ensure it is charged and functioning.  This can be done easily by the homeowner and a technician can show you the proper technique.  It is vital to maintaining the battery so that your investment in a battery back-up sump pump will be worthwhile and prohibit any potential flooding in your home.

If you’re interested in installing this system in your home or have any questions we may be able to answer, feel free to contact us!

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