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The Bukys Believe…


In God. In Hard Work. In Family. In Integrity.

DB’s Plumbing and Drain may be a plumbing company, but we also want to be a positive influence on both our work family and our community. There are so many ways to make money, but to truly have an impact is so important. A small, family owned and operated a service-based business is a labor of love that takes so much time, dedication, and heart that we want to make sure to never lose sight of what’s truly meaningful. To that end, we participate in volunteer events, organize donation events, and advertise for positive community activities. We are always looking for great ways to give back and get involved in Prince William County.

Our work family are of various ages and backgrounds and have different goals, but they are each individually great people and have a lot of integrity. We want every customer to feel as though they are taken care of by family because that’s how we want to be treated. We sincerely hope this has been your experience with us and we truly value you allowing us into your homes to tackle issues that are sometimes dire.

Female Plumbers

Only 1.6% of plumbers in the United States are female. We would love to have a female plumber working for us! This article is the story of one plumbing woman who has worked hard to be where she is. In the future, we hope there are more women plumbers for us to hire.

“It is such an honor to serve our community and know that we are making a difference in local homes and businesses every day when we go to work. Having a female plumber on staff would be so great and add to our ability to impact the community! I would be so honored to find a female plumber that was interested in working for us. I hope one day this is not a rarity!”
—David Buky, President