A Plumbing Mystery

While most people know plumbers can unclog a toilet or replace a garbage disposal, we offer many services that customers may not think of! Here are a few services we offer, and a few services we refer out.

3 Things We Can Do Besides Unclog a Toilet
Many customers are interested to find out some services we offer that maybe you didn’t know we perform!

  1. Gas Work– We can install new gas lines, install gas appliances, fix gas leaks, and fix gas fireplaces. While there are many handy people, it is important with gas to hire a professional with experience and the correct certifications who knows what they’re doing, as gas is serious business!
  2. Work with Septic Systems and Wells– As the area gets more and more developed, wells and septic systems are becoming more and more rare. Customers are asking to convert to city water and sewer more than ever before. We have technicians that are knowledgeable and experienced with both septic system and wells/well water.
  3. Hydro-jetting– What can clear lines of sludge, grease, and build-up, with 4,000 PSI of high-pressure H2O? Our jetter! If you think you may have a problem with your sewer line, jetting may be a great solution.

3 Services We Typically Refer to Great Companies

  1. Fix Appliances– While we work on the plumbing connections to and from appliances, we do not fix the appliance itself. This is a specialized service offered by appliance repair companies.
  2. Install French Drain systems– While a French drain system can be a great solution for controlling water in your yard, we find this type of service is best offered by a landscaping company. They can be sure to preserve your plants and trees and configure the best drainage solution for your yard.
  3. Pump Septic Tanks or Inspect Septic Systems– While there are many repairs and replacements we can do involving septic systems, pumping and inspections are specialized services that involve special trucks and equipment.
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