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What Happens When You Flush?


Something I never really considered before working at a plumbing company is the modern miracle we know and use regardless of who we are…the indoor flushing toilet. Wow. What a beautiful thing! Regardless as to the weather, how you’re feeling, or if you’re in a huge rush, the toilet is a convenient way to take care of several of our vital human functions efficiently and comfortably. Toilets have even evolved to have remote control options, multiple flushing options, and even motion activated heated seats!

If you really think about it, how much do you know about your toilet? Do you understand how it works? It’s helpful for everyone with a toilet (hopefully all of us!) to understand the basics behind how it works and how to do basic repairs. There’s no reason why your toilet should be taboo!

“Something as simple as a running toilet can really cause your water bill to go up. In some countries, they lack adequate access to drinking water. Meanwhile, we allow toilets to run and faucets to drip as we are too busy to fix those issues. One of the ways you can do your part to help conserve water is to keep your toilets and other plumbing in top-notch shape. Fixing your toilet could be something as simple and inexpensive as changing the flapper!”
—David Buky, President