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Plumbing Is Like Cooking…


Today I’d like to talk about how plumbing is like cooking!

With plumbing, you need the right tools for the right job, and the more prepared you are the faster and easier your job will go. While you may have done a certain job many times, every single time you do it goes just a little differently. Plumbers will tell you there are multiple solutions for many issues, and they love choosing the best solution for the problem.

Chefs…sound familiar? Those of us who cook can probably see how related the two are. The right tools make the job so much easier, the last time you cooked a certain recipe won’t be exactly the same as this time, and there are many decisions you can make as a chef that will change the outcome of the final product- hopefully for the best!

While you might not be a plumber or a chef for that matter, it’s great to see how everything is connected and how we can better understand the world around us by looking for similarities. Next time a plumber is in your home, think about how you can relate to them with your job or hobbies! It’s really a small world when you stop to think about it.