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We will Never Forget

On this Patriot Day our thoughts are with the victims of 9/11, the first responders who gave their lives and those that are still suffering, and every American citizen that was affected by the disaster we will Never Forget. Anyone who was alive that day remembers where they were, who they were with, and the fear and uncertainty we all felt together. In this area we all wondered if our loved ones in the city were going to come home safe and struggled to get through to them as the phone networks were so congested, they failed. Some of us lost someone dear.

Ourselves, our friends and our family joined the military and went across the world to defend us on an unknown land from and unknown enemy.

Our President reassured the nation and stood at Ground Zero, hand-in-hand with the first responders and promised he was with us and we would seek justice.

Personally, my grandmother worked for the Pentagon for decades and insisted she had to bear witness. We all got in the car and drove to the hill opposite of the Pentagon and saw the destruction, the smoke, the devastation. We cried together.

We’re Americans. We triumph. We succeed. We prevail. We unite and we overcome. We will Never Forget how the country came together, despite any and all personal differences, and united as one. American flags sold out of stores and nearly every home proudly displayed their patriotism. We will Never Forget.

- Rachel, Office Manager/Crafter of Newsletter

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