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How to Avoid Winter Plumbing Mishaps


Cold weather is the one time of the year that puts homeowners everywhere on high alert. The weather is usually the most brutal near the end of the year and the beginning of the next. Temperatures drop and snow pours in depending on where you are in the country. Snow and ice can blanket power lines which lead to thousands of homes without power each year. Trees can fall onto homes due to the weight of snow. Outside temperatures can have a huge impact on the inner workings of your home – which includes the plumbing. Even the most attentive homeowners can let things slip through the cracks on occasion. Before the winter hits with its fullest force it might be time to review your plumbing to make sure you won’t get burned on any winter plumbing mishaps.

Haphazard DIY Fixes

You know they won’t hold. That pesky problem under your sink or in your basement has been rearing its head again and since winter is coming you think a quick DIY fix will hold off a major issue until the new year. It might not be the prettiest fix in the world but you found a video online to help with the project. It’s a big mishap that many homeowners partake in year after year. A DIY quick fix should only be used when you have a plumber scheduled to come by within the next few days. Major issues can happen, especially in the winter, by trying to repair pipes yourself via a DIY fix. When temperatures outside begin dipping towards the freezing level then your DIY fix won’t be enough to keep your plumbing together through the cold months. Calling a professional plumber such as DBs Plumbing & Drain can save you major money and headaches this winter season. Money can be tight around the holidays but having a small problem now vs. a huge problem when your DIY fix breaks can mean the difference between hundreds and thousands.

Ignoring Signs of Water Damage

There are some things about your home that won’t cause huge amounts of trouble if you just put them off for a few days or weeks. Gutters can get a few leaves in them before being cleaned, a single missing shingle on your roof won’t cause major damage, and a slightly squeaky step won’t give your home too much trouble. Then there are issues that should never be ignored. Things like broken windows backed up sinks, and signs of water damage are high on the list. Winter is one of the worst times to have a leak in your home so keeping an eye out for signs of water damage is key to preventing sudden flooding. If you have an older home with past signs of water damage then pay close attention to potential weak areas. If it has leaked once, it might leak again. For new construction, the signs of water damage may be a little easier to spot. Basements are especially susceptible areas and may be harder to monitor. If you suspect a leak in your home or notice fresh signs of water damage then ignoring the issue is never the right move. A certified plumber should be called immediately.

Remember Other Plumbing

The inside isn’t all you have to worry about when it comes to avoiding costly plumbing mishaps in the winter. While inside your home is extremely important to check from top to bottom and prepare for the cold months, there are a few other areas of your home that you might want to consider during your winter checklist. If you have an outdoor faucet attached to your home with a hose hooked to it or some other tool then remembers to remove the tool, wrap it up, and store it away for the winter. If you have an outdoor shed with plumbing then treat it similar to how you would the plumbing inside of your home. Keep your outdoor room or shed heated during the winter to prevent pipes from freezing. A small space heater, wrapping the pipes, and keeping water flowing when temperatures are dangerously low will keep you from having major issues outside of your home. While there is a lot to remember when the winter months are here, preventing a plumbing mishap will keep your holiday season on the jolly side of things.

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