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We are much luckier than other areas of the United States when it comes to disastrous hurricanes or other strong storms that may be a threat to our area. But we are not immune to large storms or heavy amounts of rain here in Northern Virginia and we have been known to weather a category 1 or 2 hurricane in the past.

This brings us to a concern we all share for our customers: what about your sump pump? Are you aware they should be replaced every 5-7 years regardless of condition as this is their estimated lifespan? Unlike common plumbing pipes, there is no shut-off valve for sump pumps, which means the water will keep coming until it stops naturally. We ask you to ask yourself, “What condition is my sump pump in and when was it last replaced?”

If you wait until your sump pump fails, it’s too late to save the bottom level of your property from water damage and potential mold. Assuming you’re not watching your pump the minute that it breaks and have a plumber available to respond within 10 minutes, you are potentially setting yourself up for a disaster within your home.

Furthermore, in this area, we have been known to run out of sump pumps when disaster strikes (which happened during multiple storms such as Hurricane Isabel). The pumps were not available for replacement for customers or plumbers, and even the manufacturers ran out as they couldn’t meet the demand. This isn’t intended to be a scare tactic in the least. We pride ourselves on educating our customers and helping to prevent any unexpected issues that may occur in your home.

The only thing keeping you dry in a large storm with a lot of rain, is a mechanical pump that needs to be replaced regularly.

Lose power often? We have battery-backup options and water-powered back-up options available, as well.

How old is your sump pump? Do you even think about your sump pump? If it has been reliably pumping away you can certainly come to take it for granted. Until of course, it fails.

Replacing your sump pump every 5 to 7 years is vital in preventing a flood in your basement.


What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is usually located in an out of the way place in the basement of your home. It is housed in the ground in a 15-20 gallon pit with a black lid that is approximately 24 inches in diameter. You will see 2 pipes coming out of that pit that will discharge water outside of the house.

What does a sump pump do?

A sump pump collects water either from under your house or from a drain in the stairwell or both. It then pumps the water away from your house to prevent water pressure from building up under the foundation of your house.

What happens when my pump fails?

If the pump fails, the next time you have a heavy rain fall, all the water under your house will flood into your basement.

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Will there be a warning so I know when the pump will fail?

No, we have seen pumps last anywhere from 1 to 15 years. The industry standard is to replace the pump every 5 to 7 years as there is no telling how long it will last or when it is broken until it is too late.

What happens if I lose power?

The same thing - the sump pump will not work and your basement will most certainly flood.

Sump Pump Repairs Northern Virginia

What should I do?

Call us at 703-691-5129 or complete our short ESTIMATE REQUEST form. We can schedule a convenient time for you to install a battery backup system, giving you peace of mind during a power outage or pump failure.

Can you recommend a brand I can purchase from a retail outlet?

No, we would not make any such recommendation. Pumps that are sold in stores are not a professional grade solution. Professional installation is essential or your problem will not be solved. We install ONLY professional grade Zoeller Pumps due to the proven reliability we have experienced over the years.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we do! We provide a 1 year unconditional pump and labor guarantee. That's right we guarantee the pump as well!

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