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Winterizing Your Pipes – November


Homeowners have a lot to think about when it comes to making sure their home is ready for the various seasons. There are steps you need to take in the summer, fall, spring, and winter to make sure that everything is safe and ready for the change in temperature. Winter and fall, more often than not, are seasons which require a lot of preparation. Extremely cold temperatures are right around the corner and preparation begins now. One of the most important parts of getting your home in tip-top shape comes in the form of winterizing. You can winterize your windows, your garage, and even your car. But what about winterizing your pipes? Imagine how panicked you would be if water were to begin flooding your home. Taking a few easy steps can save you a lot of time, money, and heartache in the future. Below are some of the more important components to making sure your pipes are ready for the cool months.

Insulating Your Pipes

There’s nothing easier and more important on the road to winterizing your pipes than making sure they are fully insulated and wrapped up well. Consider how you go about doing this in other parts of your home. Windows are usually insulated around the perimeter so as to keep the cool temperatures out and the warm air in. The same goes for the pipes inside and outside of your home. Insulting your pipes begins by cleaning them off. Using a mild cleanser and warm water should do the trick well enough. The next step is as simple as choosing what insulation you’ll want or need for the project. If you’re unsure about what type of insulation to purchase, going to your local home improvement store will prove invaluable. Speak with employees to find out the correct insulation. There are a few different kinds but at the end of the day – making sure your pipes are completely insulated is the most important part.

Maintain the Heat

One recommendation that a lot of homeowners fail to consider is the heat in your home and just how much it can make a difference when it comes to your pipes staying nice and toasty. One of the best methods for making sure the heat is correct is to go around and make a plan of all the various pipes in your home. Then you’ll know which rooms you should make sure remain warm. If your home has rooms or spots which you know don’t always stay the warmest, try investing in small electric heaters. These heaters can keep a room at constant temperatures and shut off when a certain temperature has been reached in the room. They are particularly handy for rooms which always seem drafty. Another good idea is to open cabinet doors and let the heat circulate inside to help your pipes stay warm.

Remember the Outdoors

Homeowners everywhere know just how much there is to worry about when it comes to keeping everything in check. While many DIY projects are perfect to take on by yourself, sometimes you can use an extra hand. Winterizing your pipes to their fullest potential may be a job for certified plumbers such as DB’s Plumbing & Drain located in Montclair, VA. But one DIY part of winterizing your pipes comes not from the inside of your home, but from the outside. It’s difficult to remember it all and considering the outside of your home when it gets chilly outside might easily slip your mind. Outdoor pipes need attention as well. Gather any hoses around your property and remove them from the spigot. Drain them completely of water and store them away for the winter. Winterizing is important for pools, spas, and fountains as well. Preparing your home for the winter might take time, but it’s always worth it in the end.