Plumbing Tips to Get Ready for the Holidays

Here at DB’s Plumbing and Drain, we take the holiday season SERIOUSLY. This year, we are celebrating as a company by having a holiday party at our shop, complete with a Secret Santa and fun Christmas sweaters! We’re excited to see what our team found for their teammates.

We would love to share a few plumbing tips to make your holiday go more smoothly that you may not have thought of, and ensure any friends or family coming to your home will have the best, most stress-free holiday possible.

  1. Make sure those hose bibs have been winterized! We are certainly getting into freezing temperatures in the region, and the last thing any of us need around the holiday season is a burst pipe! While you may not notice your hose bib froze during the winter until Spring, why not make sure they are winterized and you won’t have to worry at all!
  1. Forgo putting anything down your kitchen sink drain that isn’t a liquid, and remember grease hardens! Potato peels, egg shells, and pasta noodles are common food items we see clogging drains past the point where a homeowner can get it unclogged. If the clog is severe enough, you may need a professional who has a series of methods at his disposal to get that material out of your drain.
  1. If you have any outside drains, make sure they are swept and clear of leaves, mud, or any other debris! These drains are typically in stairwells or near doors to provide good drainage. If they get blocked, they can cause flooding near your home or even flooding that could come inside. Take care of these before you have any guests, and they won’t be an issue.
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