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Employee of the Month Spotlight: Jennifer


We are going to take the time to highlight one of our employees every month. This month, we have chosen Jennifer!  Jennifer is a great VP, who motivates us all with her determination and positivity. She takes care of our office family, just as she takes care of her own. She handles much of the behind-the-scenes in the office and is a fantastic asset to our team. Here is a short interview with Jennifer!

Q– Before working at DB’s Plumbing and Drain, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A- “When I was in the Air Force, I worked at the Combined Air Operations Center in Italy during the Kosovo Campaign in 1999. We worked 12-hour shifts, 6 days a week. I got to witness some pretty cool stuff, that I can’t talk about.”

Q– If you could switch your job with anyone else within DB’s Plumbing and Drain, whose job would you want?

A- “I would want to switch with David. He gets to go out and meet our customers face-to-face and gets to do some plumbing, as well!”

Q- What is your favorite part about being a small business owner?

A- “My favorite part of being a small business owner is providing jobs and benefits to people in our community. It’s a really good feeling. Knowing our employees and celebrating their successes with them is great. We also can build close relationships with our customers, and being small allows us to do that.”

Q– How do you define success?

A- “Making a measurable and attainable goal and achieving it. This is both personal and business.”