Sump Pumps: When to Replace

We are a bit early to consider Hurricane Irma or any of the other strong storms that are brewing to be a threat to our area at this point. But there is always a chance this may happen at this time of year. We aren’t immune to large storms or heavy amounts of rain here in Northern Virginia and we have been known to weather a category 1 or 2 hurricanes in the past.  We as a team watch the news and watch the frantic struggles of our southern neighbors to prepare their homes and businesses in Florida, and we can’t help but wonder if the same will happen here.

This brings us to a concern we all share for our customers: what about your sump pumps?  Are you aware they should be replaced every 5-7 years regardless of condition as this is their estimated lifespan? Unlike common plumbing pipes, there is no shut-off valve for sump pumps, which means the water will keep coming until it stops naturally.  So we ask you to ask yourself, “What condition is my sump pump in and when was it last replaced?”

If you wait until your sump pump fails, it’s too late to save your bottom level from water damage and potential mold. Assuming you’re not watching your pump the minute that it breaks and have a plumber available to respond within 10 minutes, you are potentially setting yourself up for a disaster within your home.

Furthermore, in this area, we have been known to run out of sump pumps when disaster strikes (which happened during multiple storms such as Hurricane Isabel). The pumps were not available for replacement for customers or plumbers, and even the manufacturers ran out as they couldn’t meet the demand. This isn’t intended to be a scare tactic in the least.  We prioritize ourselves on educating our customers and helping to prevent any problems that may occur in your home.

The only thing keeping you dry in a large storm with a lot of rain is a mechanical pump that needs regularly replaced. Lose power often? We have battery-backup options and water-powered back-up options available, as well.

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