A Team Above All… Above All a Team

Today we would like to talk about teamwork, and how we as a team synchronize to deliver top-level service you can expect at DB’s.

As a small family-owned and operated company, teamwork is vital to our daily operation. We are blessed with a fantastic team that allows us to operate at an award-winning level of customer service that we are very proud to call our own.  Our company values integrity above all else, and it takes a great team to keep that level of integrity at 100%.

Rachel, Cody, and Amber in the office coordinate all of our scheduling, customer information, and job information with our technicians in the field. They process all incoming job requests, which include phone calls, emails, and messages from various websites across the internet.

Tommy, Zack, and Shane are our team in the field, with Cody assisting on some jobs.  They work together on a daily basis by trading ideas based on their individual experience to create the best solutions for our customers. Our technicians work on larger jobs together and are able to depend on their office staff to synchronize every element that goes into completing jobs successfully and getting them Done Right the First Time.

Our fearless leaders, David and Jennifer, manage all the other aspects of what it takes to keep the business running smoothly.  This includes everything from the finances and insurance, to advertising and human resources, and countless other tasks in-between.

We have regular meetings and team-building events that allow us to bond as a working family and have fun with each other outside of the office.  As with any business, one of the keys to our success is that everyone spoke on the wheel that is our team functions at the best of their ability, and we are grateful every day for the dedication and effort our team puts into our company.

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