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Don’t Put the Turkey down the Sink!


I have so many great Thanksgiving tips to alleviate stress. Don’t try to drive anywhere today, Friday, or Sunday. Don’t eat so fast you can’t breathe. Don’t anger the most talented chef in the family.

As far as plumbing Thanksgiving tips, I have some of those too! Don’t put anything down the sink that might make all those Thanksgiving treats come right back up and create a clogged mess. This includes bones, thick sauces, vegetable peels, and Grandma’s leftover sweet potatoes (chunky but we love her). If the toilet clogs, use the correct plunger (not one designed for a sink) and don’t continue to try to flush it! This could lead to overflow or the clog moving farther down the line and creating an even worse problem.  If you have lots of guests and they are showering at your home, have them wait at least a few minutes between showers. This will allow the hot water to replenish, and the drain to clear.

We will be closed for our employees to spend time with their families but the phones are answered 24/7. We are open for regular business 7 AM Friday, so give us a call if these tips don’t solve all of your post-Thanksgiving needs! We hope you all have a safe, happy, family and/or friend-filled Thanksgiving. We are thankful for you and your business.