How do you know when your water heater needs serviced?

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How do you know when your water heater needs serviced?

Your water heater should be serviced once a year for optimum performance and to prolong its lifespan. You may know the obvious signs to look out for. If you don’t have hot water suddenly when you want to take a shower or if your hot water comes and goes when you’re trying to wash dishes, you clearly have a problem.

Water heater tankThe first place to check would be other faucets all over the house. Is everywhere in your home affected? This would indicate your heater is most likely the problem. If the issue is just one faucet, then maybe this is an isolated problem that needs fixed.

What other less obvious signs can you look for that may indicate your water heater needs serviced?

Black silt or debris in your water can indicate sediment built up in your water heater. This surprising symptom can sometimes mean your water heater needs flushed or serviced.

You may notice you run out of hot water much faster than you used to. Wow, that shower seemed really fast before the water got cold!

Do you smell sulfur or rotten eggs when you run water? That nasty smell could be part of your water heater called your anode rod going bad. Having your heater serviced would reveal this!

These are some of the symptoms of a water heater that needs a plumber in its life. We happen to know several that can take a look and give you some peace of mind! Give us a call today and we will take care of that water heater for you.

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