(CCTV) Drain Camera Inspection

A sewer back up at your home or business is never a pleasant situation. We understand the seriousness of a sewer back up and the implications it has. DB's Plumbing & Drain® can address this problem efficiently with the use of our close circuit television camera inspection. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experience we can identify and rectify the problem. This technology enables us to inspect the condition of the line and accurately determine defects and the condition of the piping. Elimination of guess work can save unnecessary costs. Video inspections are an excellent way to detect a variety of obstructions like broken sewers, pipe sagging, offset joints, and sludge buildup.

A drain camera used by plumbers is a special closed circuit television (CCTV) plumbing camera that can be put down a storm water line or your sewer to locate the cause of a blocked drain or broken water line. DB's Plumbing & Drain® recommends use of the camera for reoccurring blockages. The video will identify and locate problems with the line. The video will provide your plumber with necessary information to determine the best course of action to take to permanently prevent a blocked sewer or storm water line reoccurring in the future.

vutek sewer camera system

NaviTrack Scout

Why Not Just Clean the Drain

A drain camera can be necessary since simply clearing the blockage does not reveal what caused it to block in the first place. Our high pressure water jet or an electric reel will remove the immediate cause of a blockage, but that may only treat the immediate symptoms. Jetting the drain or line does not tell us what caused the blockage, and therefore there is no certainty that it won't recur.

The resulting video will show exactly what needs to be addressed for a permanent solution. For example, it will show if a section of broken pipe needs to be replaced. In this situation a blocked sewer caused by tree roots could have been cleared by jetting the line however that would only have cleared the immediate problem. The break will remain in the sewer line, unseen unless a drain camera inspection is performed. It will often act as a 'lip' that catches anything that is flushed, leading to further blockages. Plus it will only be a matter of time before the tree roots grow into the line again once they have found access to the water that originally attracted them. The drain camera recording would show all this, and the section of broken pipe could be then replaced to permanently prevent that blocked sewer recurring.

To carry out an inspection using this specialized plumbing tool the blockage must first be cleared, and then a CCTV plumbing camera sent down the line. If you have a reoccurring blocked drain issue call 703-691-5129 or complete our online ESTIMATE REQUEST for fast response.

The NaviTech Scout equipment we use is designed to work together with transmitters in our camera locator equipment. solve the most demanding remote transmitter situations using multi-directional locating technology that allows us to pin point the exact location of an underground pipe break. The multi-directional antenna sees the signal sent from the camera the entire time and maximizes the signal strength to pin point the target. Our high tech equipment verifies the position using a micro-mapping display to mark distinctive poles in front of and behind the target to insure an accurate location. The depth is automatically calculated and displayed. This together with our camera technology is key to a successful excavation by ensuring exceptional accuracy in locating breaks. With our locating equipment our camera lets us see and confirm the problem and the Scout helps us locate it. When we have to dig, we do so with confidence that we are digging in the correct spot. If you want fast and accurate results call DB's Plumbing & Drain®! We have what it takes to do the job!

Isn't This Something More Useful for a Business?

Indeed businesses frequently contact us for a CCTV video inspection but this is also something for home owners to consider.

A rather common problem that home owners face is a broken drain. It may be the main drain or it could be a supplemental drain that is causing major issues for the full functionality of the drain system.

With a CCTV inspection, your professional plumber from DB's will insert a small camera directly into the drain pipe allowing a first person perspective into the inner world of your drain pipe. This enables the discovery of hard to detect and unusual problems including potential issues that are about to become problems such as pipe decay, fractures, or newly infested roots that have yet to start causing a major problem.

Great for Detection and Low Disruption

A major advantage of CCTV pipe inspection is that all that is needed is access to the pipe to insert the camera. In the past it would require much man labor and hours of digging to gain access to your pipe. Not only would you be paying for extensive labor costs of multiple workers for the digging and excavation, but any landscaping in the way of the work would be eliminated. Today even if a problem is detected there is a very good chance that it can be fixed using one of the more modern trenchless methods, typically only one access point is needed or occasionally two small holes will be dug, a much easier and less disruptive.

Our professional sewer camera system was designed to help us work smarter. It gets the job done faster, and provides a higher resolution display screen to find the problem. Our VuTEK advanced sewer camera inspection systems are also used for inspecting many industry needs including:

  • Residential Plumbing
  • Municipal Collection Systems
  • Industrial Pipelines
  • Commercial Applications and more


What our Customer had to say on Angie’s List

Inspect and clean out main drain. Used camera to inspect possible cracked pipe. Advised possibility of cracked pipe and gave options to repair. A+ on professionalism!

Nick S. | Springfield, VA

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