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Why Hire a Professional Plumber


DIY is the way of the future. The Internet gives users the ability to find out how to do just about anything with the right tools and helpful videos. There was once a time when going to a professional was the way of the world. Doing it yourself was unheard of. These days more people are taking pride in building and working to create something themselves. You can browse YouTube for hints on how to build a table, Pinterest details everything you need to throw a wedding, and endless amounts of blogs give you advice on everything from repairing a broken window to renovating your whole kitchen. With so much DIY assistance floating around it seems like professional help is fading quickly. The fact of the matter is that professional services are alive and well. For those unable to repair a car or renovate their home – calling a professional is a major plus. The next time your pipes begin leaking or something just doesn’t seem right with your faucet, calling a professional plumber just might be the best thing for you to do. Here are a few reasons why a professional is almost a must in some cases.

Warranty and Guarantee

Think about a big item you purchase at the store. Be it electronic or appliance, getting a warranty and the stores personal guarantee can mean a major difference between passing and purchasing. A warranty means you’re covered if something goes wrong with your purchase. Appliances might turn out to be major lemons or that new stereo might break within the first week of use. Having the company’s warranty on your side makes it easier to stomach the break. The same goes for doing the work yourself. It may save your money or time waiting on a repair technician to arrive but one crucial, missing piece is the lack of any warranty or company guarantee. If the job is a major task then it isn’t to be taken lightly. What happens when your DIY fix isn’t turning out very well? Your work has no protection behind it and if a break happens – your wallet takes a hit both times. With a professional, there is the opportunity for a warranty on the parts and a guarantee from the company to take up the slack if anything goes wrong. Calling a professional can always give you peace of mind that you have a safety net in the event of something going wrong.


Despite what magazines, television shows, and social media depict, doing it yourself isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Mistakes can happen in an instance and when something goes wrong it can mean a world of trouble for your home. When you consider just how intricate the plumbing of your home is then you’ll more than likely understand that it takes a fine hand to repair anything broken. While plumbing may not be akin to dealing with much more dangerous tasks, it does require a definite amount of safety concern. Dealing with pipes underground and mild construction can be dangerous on your home. Plumbers often have to remove walls or dig through the ground in order to get to pipes hidden behind and buried beneath. Pipes can easily burst in the wrong hands and cause large amounts of damage to your home. Plumbers are trained to efficiently and effectively fix plumbing problems without causing major damage to your home and making sure their work is carried out in the safest manner possible.


Working with your hands is always a great way to learn. That being said it also can cause a lot of mayhem when it comes to making repairs on your home. Sometimes a professional is an absolute must if you want to make sure the job is done correctly. Homeowners know their strengths and weaknesses. Most homeowners know that taking on a major repair project isn’t likely to turn out so well if they are inexperienced. Saving time and money might seem like a good idea until you’re faced with a wall of pipes and have little to no idea on how to handle them. With a professional plumber such as DBs Plumbing & Drain, having reliable service is the perfect solution. Being able to trust your service provider to give you the best repair possible is a huge weight off the shoulders of any homeowner. Reliability means you get the service you need to make sure your home is running the right way. While you may be reliable in other areas, calling in a professional to repair your plumbing woes is always the right call.

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