Questions You Should Always Ask Your Plumber

Finding the right words can be a major obstacle for some people. Deciding when and how to ask questions might seem difficult when you’re faced with a repair technician in your home. Having a stranger repair the plumbing or an appliance in your house can be an uncomfortable position for many homeowners. Not knowing what to do during their visit, trying to choose the right questions to ask, and completely forgetting anything you had come up with in the first place. When your service technician is reviewing the work completed it can be easy to forget the questions you had previously wanted to get across. A simple solution to this issue is writing down the questions you have prior to their arrival. While you may not be able to fit everything on your list, there are a few questions you should always ask your plumber to better understand what’s ahead.

Are they Licensed?

This is always a question to ask your plumber before they even begin work on your home. Homeowners often assume that by calling in a service professional, they’ll be on the up-and-up in terms of having all the necessary licensing and paperwork in place. Unfortunately, many plumbers operate without a license on the bet that homeowners will assume that they are licensed. Asking whether or not a plumber is licensed can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Having a license to practice plumbing means that your plumber has been registered with the proper local or government agencies and makes sure homeowners are given better options for who they call. Having a licensed plumber like DBs Plumbing & Drain means that your home will more than likely pass any inspection. Without a licensed plumber…you may not be able to pass. Being secure in the knowledge that you have a licensed specialist on the job will give you peace of mind that your service technician is doing the best job possible.

The Guarantee

You trust a service technician to come into your home and repair your plumbing issues without fail. If you’ve studied them online and met with them before you repair then feeling safe with their work is a given. Think of this scenario. You have a plumbing issue in your home and are in need of repair. You search around for the best service center in your area and finally find a plumber you can trust. Before the plumber starts the job there is one very important question to ask – do you have a guarantee on your work? No matter how great the plumber is, issues occur. Pipes could leak or parts could be defective in some way. Having the guarantee of a company means that you’ll be safe in the event of faulty work or a defective part and your wallet won’t take the hit when it comes time for another repair cost.


It’s an uncomfortable topic to approach for some. For homeowners unsure of how to approach the topic or if the amount of repair cost is on par with other companies in the area then a quick session online will help get rid of any fears you may have. Get quotes and make a note of the prices from various service centers. When your repair technician arrives you should ask what the total price will be for the repair. If they are able to find out what needs to be fixed, they’ll more than likely know exactly how much it will cost. Armed with the information you have from other companies you can feel safe knowing the price you pay is on par with other locations. If the price is far beyond the quotes you have then it might be time to check other companies out and get a better deal. Remember, asking for a price is never a bad thing. Making sure you are being treated fairly and respectfully is what every company should aim to do.

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