Building the Value

Today I'd like to tell you about one of the concepts we run our business by. The focus of our team meeting this morning was a concept called, "Build the Value". Every day in both the office and field DB's employees work to Build the Value for our customers in many ways. This means demonstrating with our customer service and job performance we show you the value of the service we offer in every way possible. We are family-owned and operated, we are fully licensed and insured, and we strive to offer the best level of service we can provide.

We Build the Value by having all the latest technology, having educated and experienced technicians (our least experienced technician has been plumbing for 10 years!) and maintaining a level of integrity we can all be proud of when we go to bed at night. Since we primary sell a service and not a product, it is so important to us to show our customers the value of their dollar in every way we can and impress you every time we enter your home! 

From Our President

"To me, Building the Value means showing the clients that we care through our actions and not just words. It means leading through exemplary service, courtesy and timeliness despite any disadvantages. The plumbing will be taken care of and that's a given, but what doesn't automatically get taken care of is great service. I am proud to know that our team works hard to provide that each and every time for every customer." 

-David Buky, President

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