Clogged Floor Drains

Is your kitchen sink filling up or draining slow? Is the water up to your knees when taking a shower? Do you hear gargling sound coming out of your toilet when flushed? Is your laundry line backing up when doing laundry? Are you stuck at home without a bathroom because of the clogged sewer line? Do you see dirty water pooling at your storm drains? If you answered yes to any of these plumbing issues, chances are you have a clogged drain or a stoppage and you need our professional drain cleaning service.

Floor drain backed up? It must be the main line that goes all the way to the city sewer under the street, right? Not necessarily! While that MIGHT be the case, it is by no means a certainty.

If drains handled clear water only, they would work perfectly all the time. In reality, household drains routinely deal with soap, grease, hair, dirt and all kinds of things that can clog them up. The professionals at DB’s Plumbing & Drain® have the training and tools to handle any kind of drain-cleaning challenge to get all your drains cleaned and working properly.

The first rooms that homeowners think of when they think of their plumbing systems are the kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms contain the plumbing fixtures that people use most often, like sinks, showers, toilets, and dishwashers. But it's important to remember that basements and utility rooms house some of your most important plumbing fixtures, like your water heater and your floor drains. Floor drains are an extremely important part of any business or home's plumbing system. Keeping them clean at all times should be a priority.

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Floor drains play an important role in residential and commercial plumbing systems. If water were to flood into your basement from outdoors or leak out of a burst pluming pipe, floor drains give the water a place to go, helping to prevent extensive water damages and mold growth. They also give water a place to overflow when a large amount of water is sent down your pipes all at once so that too much pressure isn’t placed on the main drain pipe.

Area floor drains are common features of room like:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Basements

Like drains in any sink or bathtub, floor drains need to be equipped with traps beneath them which should be kept full of water in order to prevent sewer gasses or odors from escaping into the room. Often, these traps become clogged and blocked with debris, and that can cause a backup, which makes your floor drains ineffective. Our drain repair experts can help you thoroughly clear these blocks and provide you with tips on maintaining your floor drains to prevent blockage in the future.

Common drains include:

  • Kitchen Drains
  • Toilet Drains
  • Shower/Tub Drains
  • Bathroom Sink Drains
  • Floor Drains

Any part of your home that may need assistance with keeping water from flooding and causing damage should have an area floor drain. Basements are the bottom-most part of your Virginia home, so floor drains are especially common in them, where rain and sewer can easily flow downward and flood your basement.

Because floor drains can help to prevent or lessen the severity of plumbing emergencies, it’s important that any issues with them be fixed immediately. Our Northern Virginia plumbers are here to help and we have the experience and equipment to get the job done right!

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