Top 10 Money-Saving Plumbing Tips

This week we present a Top 10 List! This list will give you some great ideas to care for your plumbing and potentially save thousands of dollars in the long-term. Take a look and let us know what you think, or if you have any ideas we should add! Thanks for reading!

Top 10 Plumbing Money Saving Ideas

  1. Find a reliable, trustworthy company for when you need a plumber. It is great to be able to call on the same people that know your family and home when you have an issue, so you can be sure to have the service you deserve.
  2. Make sure your company is licensed and insured. Always expect the unexpected! If you need to rely on your company for the safety of your family or the well-being of your home, make sure they are accountable and appropriately screened by your state.
  3. Check all plumbing fixtures for visible leaks once a season. Temperature changes and overall use can affect your fixtures.
  4. If your water pressure is very high, get it checked by a plumber. High water pressure can cause permanent damage to your existing fixtures and appliances. It can cause leaks as well!
  5. Don’t put anything down your kitchen sink drain intentionally, even if you have a garbage disposal! The garbage disposal is great for the occasional scrap that may fall down the drain. When in doubt, throw it out(or compost)!
  6. Fix any running toilets or dripping faucets as they occur. These “small” issues can lead to an unexpectedly high water bill or damage the fixture further over time, leading to a replacement being necessary.
  7. Know the life expectancy of common plumbing in your home, so you aren’t as surprised when something needs to be repaired or replaced. The average water heater lasts 10-12 years, garbage disposal 8-12 years, sump pump 5-7 years. Check your plumbing once a year or have a professional check it (part of our Membership Program)!
  8.  We DO NOT recommend using chemicals such as Draino or Liquid Plumr in a clogged or slow drain. These chemicals tend to lubricate the clog instead of clear it, causing it to be more difficult to clear in the long run. They also can splash back towards a plumber if they come to clear the drain, causing potential vision loss! We recommend a great product called Bio-Clean, that we sell in-house. It is a NATURAL alternative to those chemicals and is a GREAT preventative for drain clogs and waste matter in pipes.
  9. DO NOT put foreign objects in your toilet and flush. Your toilet is only made to handle the waste matter and toilet paper. Objects such as hair, feminine products, cigarettes, or even wipes billed as “flushable” can cause a clogged toilet, which can then become a costly clogged main sewer line. Teach family and friends that at your house, it’s waste and paper only!
  10. If you made it to the end of our list, congratulations! You are ready to save money and take care of your plumbing. Our final bit of advice when it comes to plumbing and saving money is to check the shut-off valves in your home once a year to ensure they turn easily and function as they should in case you need to turn the water off in an emergency. These valves are located under sinks, behind your toilet, and there is the main shut off valve to your whole house. If you don’t know where the main valve is, be sure to ask a plumber to show you next time they are in your home! If a shut-off valve needs to be replaced, don’t hesitate and call a professional to take care of it. If the valve fails when you need it, it could cause costly damage and/or mold.
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